Andrea heard about this vegan taco truck that parks outside this farmer’s market last Tuesday so we decided to check it out!


This is the PLANT FOOD FOR PEOPLE taco truck. I’ve never heard of this thing but it’s awesome. Good cheap fast food is usually not something you associate with veganism but PFFP makes it a reality. This single taco truck represents how great it is to be a vegan in LA.

The Menu

Their flagship dish is the “Marinated Jackfruit Taco.” It’s a jackfruit-based taco and it comes with two toppings of your choice. $3 is not bad at all either. We ended up ordering three of those all with pico de gallo and a sampling of the other toppings. We also got one each of the Super Crazy Taco (same thing but with all toppings), the Boat (not a taco), and Crazy Beans (also not a taco).


The food came out in about five minutes. Don’t be fooled by my composure, I was starving and just about ready to rip into that aluminum foil.

Predictable Cactus

As you can see lots of tomato, cilantro and onions. The three regular tacos are in the front-left, the Super Crazy Taco is in the far back, the Crazy Beans are in the middle, and The Boat is on the right.

Predictable Cactus

These tacos did not disappoint. Jackfruit is an entirely satisfying replacement for carne al pastor and the toppings were all very fresh. I’m also just a sucker for lime juice and cilantro. The Boat was basically a taco without the tortilla, and the Crazy Beans were a less featureful The Boat. Personally I don’t think the Super Crazy Taco was necessary, mostly because it was extremely large and unwieldy. Next time I’ll just go for two of the regular kind.

Predictable Cactus

The surrounding farmer’s market was cool too. Lots of local fresh produce, antiques, and other random stuff. Good non-stupidity-inducing music was playing and the guys at Flashbox let us use their photo booth for free! Definitely check this out if you’re ever looking for a quick Tuesday getaway for lunch.