Higher Consciousness Eating is a fun little blog focused on reviewing restaurants in the Los Angeles Area that serve exclusively or primarily vegan cuisine.

Veganism is the practice of not consuming any animal-based products, this includes meat, like chicken and beef, but also dairy, eggs, and honey.

After moving to Los Angeles I found that there is a vibrant vegan restaurant community here. Despite being exclusively or primarily vegan, many of these restaurants serve food that delights both vegans and non-vegans alike. It’s good food regardless of what it’s made of. I started this blog to shine a spotlight on these restaurants but also to show the world what a thriving vegan restaurant community looks like.

Veganism is important to me because I believe that exploiting and torturing animals is wrong and that every animal has a right to life. I was a vegetarian for a couple years but then became a vegan after becoming aware of the inhumane practices that are common in modern industrial farming, for instance chick culling and forced artificial insemination in cows.

“Higher consciousness” isn’t a reference to some kind of abstract or vague new-agey spiritual concept. On the contrary, it’s about acquiring concrete knowledge, thinking about the consequences, and taking action based on logical conclusions. Instead of not thinking about how my food is produced, I’m conscious of the fact that each mass-produced animal product is the result of a real living animal that suffered a painful death and a life of torture. My personal response is “No, I will not participate.” My individual choice to be vegan may not be enough to stop the mass-murder from happening but that doesn’t mean I have to complicit either.