my first snes demo
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2022-03-16 21:32Update python scripts for python3 and build script to work out of the boxRian Hunter5+78-67
2014-09-11 22:14Change all variables each vblank if joypad has been idleRian Hunter1+58-19
2014-09-11 21:26Add bass track to musicRian Hunter1+117-68
2014-08-23 22:32Support a 0:0 value as Y:A in SleepTimerRian Hunter1+2-2
2014-08-12 06:13Make it sound more like flutesRian Hunter1+2-2
2014-08-12 06:01Make melody an octave higherRian Hunter1+39-27
2014-08-12 05:4216-bit sleep functionRian Hunter1+84-93
2014-08-11 18:53Multiple voices for songRian Hunter1+218-50
2014-08-09 22:05update song player note loading code to support indexing into a 16-bit note tableRian Hunter1+22-9
2014-08-09 08:33Song playerRian Hunter3+232-24
2014-08-08 02:19Add simple tone generationRian Hunter5+267-2
2014-06-19 02:45make credits invertRian Hunter3+137-95
2014-06-19 01:14add credits screenRian Hunter4+266-50
2014-06-16 01:01add palette select button 'a', make palette rotate button 'y', and pixelate button 'b'Rian Hunter3+144-73
2014-06-14 20:24give screen display register a nameRian Hunter1+2-1
2014-06-14 20:23give mosaic register a nameRian Hunter1+2-1
2014-06-14 20:22blur background when controller one has any button pressedRian Hunter1+40-10
2014-06-14 18:51blur background on timerRian Hunter1+28-1
2014-06-14 07:52use vblank to rotate paletteRian Hunter2+78-2
2014-06-13 22:52center xor patternRian Hunter2+5-3
2014-06-13 22:35Initial CommitRian Hunter6+591-0