Lightweight way to play internet videos on your TV or PC from your phone
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midi-media-remote is a lightweight web application that allows you to play any URL supported by youtube-dl on an MPRIS2-compatible media player. It was originally designed as a way to control omxplayer on the Raspberry Pi from a mobile phone. These days it works on any POSIX system that can run DBus and any MPRIS2-compatible player.



If you want to use mini-media-remote as a system service on Raspberry Pi, installation is simple. First clone the git repository from github:

git clone

Then run the installation script in the repository's root directory:


By default the service is listening on port 8000. If you point your web browser to your machine's IP address you should now be able to play videos.

If you want to run mini-media-remote in other contexts, it's easy enough to adapt


In the default installation midi-media-remote will load configuration out of mini-media-remote.json in your repository's root directory.

Here is a sample configuration that you may adapt to your environment:

    "player_command": ["mpv", "--script=/path/to/mpv-mpris/",
                       "--fs", "--keep-open=yes", "--msg-level=all=error",
                       "--cursor-autohide=yes", "--cursor-autohide-fs-only"],
    "port": 8123,
    "host": "::"


Rian Hunter @cejetvole